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Laugh? I nearly went to Miami!

Registered voluntary organisation DLS Productions creates theatrical concepts and productions by the community and for the community, with auditions open to the general public, yet boasting members and committee members that are now big names in theatre.

Starting out as a Sixth Form initiative at De La Salle College, the theatre group eventually outgrew the limitations of a school setting, becoming an organisation in its own right. Over this summer its committee organised workshops called ‘Intensive Performance Workshops’, which were held at Palazzo La Salle in Valletta and from there, the idea for their current project was born.

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For DLS Productions is now back with a new show. Following last year’s jukebox rock musical Belliegha Rockin’ The Underworld, it is time to turn to comedy as a group of seven actors take to the stage to present Laugh? I nearly went to Miami! for the first time in Malta. Penned by Miles Treadinnick and directed by Lucienne Camilleri, assisted by Maria Agius, it is a play that relies on comedic timing, banter and interesting visuals, that make it a treat for adults and kids alike.

The fast-paced comedy of errors is set in the eighties where we meet Tom (James Camilleri), who is an Elvis fanatic, and his fiancée Alice (Nicole Piscopo). Together they intend to fly to Miami for an Elvis Convention but the flight gets cancelled due to fog. Arriving back at Tom’s flat, they realise they have picked up the wrong suitcase back at the airport and are now in possession of  half a million dollars. Meanwhile they have walked in on Tom’s brother Barney (Neil Grech) who is trying to seduce his date Muriel (Nicola Mangion). Soon Auntie (Laura Cornelius) and Frankie (Thomas Grixti) both arrive with a bag containing $20,000 and it is Inspector Hendy (Kyle Mangani) who finally sorts everything out.

Sharp humour and miscommunication are the order of the day in this live performance in English, happening at Teatru Salesjani in Sliema on the 20th and 21st of October.

Tickets can be bought from or through phoning 79848788 and cost EUR12 and EUR15.

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