Monday, 10 April 2017

The 'I love' Series - essence Beauty Products

I might be a Minimalist but there are some things few women are ready to go without and so I have to admit that I love my beauty products. Granted I usually buy fewer items than other girls but I always ensure to have on hand the colours and items that I love and which suit me so that I can always touch up my face just a tiny bit to appear smarter (and prettier) in order to feel more confident.

I have tried expensive brands and cheaper brands, different types of makeup and different styles of makeup, till I came up with my absolute faves which I like to keep on hand. Among my very fave beauty items to go to are the following, which all happen to be from well-known yet inexpensive brand essence.

Eyeshadow in different shades of purple and browns and gold. Not liquid (so not too runny) yet not too powdery either (powder makes my eyelids itch), I find the texture of essence eyeshadows just right for me and their colour range is gorgeous.

Mascara is just the thing when you want a natural look that still attracts attention to your eyes. After several frustrated attempts at putting on mascara and then my spectacles, I gave up trying to make my lashes darker without having black smudges all over my glasses. essence waterproof mascara solved this problem for me and now I can use it daily without it affecting my sight.

Lipstick, the ultimate in looking dressed up in my opinion. Having just tried a new shade today, I can confirm that it lasted me a few hours even after I'd had my sandwiches and tea on the go.

Nail thickener for my nails, which are razor-sharp even though short and natural. So it was a relief when I finally stumbled upon essence nail thickener which solves my problem of scratching everything and everyone too easily.

Perfume to give me a confidence boost when I need to be meeting people all day. essence is the only brand I have found which have a perfume that will not make hay-fever sufferers sneeze else give me breathing problems or both, which is a wonder even before factoring in its very affordable price.

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