Friday, 3 March 2017

My 'Behind-The-Scenes'

So as I sit here past my imposed bedtime feeling guilty about it being March and my not yet having reviewed that last episode of White Heat which I promised would come in February, I think of what it would make most sense to talk about today. I have one cool review in the pipeline, sponsored by Agenda Bookshop and which will appear on this month that I can promise to link here, as well as the brainwave for a second vlog post. Now the problem with vlog posts is that they take a lot of time to make and to be honest time is the thing I never have enough of and wish I could stretch! So whilst determined that I will eventually film and put it together and show it off here, it too must wait for another day.

So for today I would like instead to update you with what's happening in my behind-the-scenes so to speak. I mentioned more than once the works that are currently being carried out in our home and I must say, it was a practical example of how a smaller home can be a nuisance when you do need some space. Picture hauling furniture/old fittings out of a room in order to refurbish it, only to have to leave them in a narrow corridor and all over the living area that you still need to use. Multiple times I found myself unable to get something out of a drawer or cupboard simply because there was other stuff 'temporarily' dumped in front of it.

On the other hand I thank Minimalism wholeheartedly as it did help with the refurbishment in more ways than one. To start off, I had less things to pack up from the rooms we were doing up than if I'd not already stopped the impulse buys (ok so I still do impulse buy on a lesser scale, only to later feel deep regret most of the time). Same goes for keeping only what you love - it resulted in needing to box up less books than I would have previously. That said, it was a wonder just how many small boxes I filled up with my husband's books and my own. As most of the books are not mine, I don't get much of a say in purging yet more of them. A second positive side to being a Minimalist whilst carrying out a refurbishment is that, having already filtered your personal items and family items down to the well-loved minimum, it is easier to keep on top of things whilst surrounded by the unavoidable chaos that becomes your life when you are doing up your home whilst living in it.

Meanwhile, the general upheaval did nothing to dampen my spirits about trying out Zero-Waste ideas that are, in fact, the topic of my next vlog post. I say Zero-Waste but truly it would be better called 'Waste Reduction' as that is, in fact, what I am really doing. I have joined Facebook pages and groups that deal with this subject but have found most of the posts and comments within them quite extreme. I'll keep using disposable toilet paper thank you very much.

I could go on and on, mentioning the books I am currently reading/have just finished or the film that I watched recently that was a real disappointment. However each of the things I would mention could more easily have a post dedicated to it and so that's it for today. Enjoy the weekend and keep safe.

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