Wednesday, 15 March 2017

In Sickness... My Relationship with The Environment

As of a little while ago I've been following some Zero Waste groups, originally because I know I would love to do my part in saving the environment so any ideas I can easily translate into my life I am willing to take on. I said 'originally' because I then found a second purpose to the idea of following and trying out Zero Waste (or rather Reduced Waste in my case), which is to blog about the results.

I am not enough into the project to have any material results to disclose but up to now I have noted that when it comes to Zero Waste, oh boy these people do mean zero, literally. I saw one pic of a member's triumphant garbage bag for a month... yes just the one bag and actually the total volume of the garbage must have been less than a hundred cubic centimetres! So unlike with Minimalism where I am well on board with it and it suits my character perfectly, this is one way of life I am so not ready to embrace entirely.

But enough about that and on to the real reason behind this post. I've been ill. Very ill. I am not used to getting a fever even when I do get a throat infection or anything else at all, but this past Winter has taught me otherwise. And as I lay in bed this morning finally coherent enough to register anything other than that the pills on my bedside table were bound to make me feel a little less miserable than I was, I noted their packaging. And that is where it hit me. I've been so attuned to looking at all packaging and how to reduce it through the Zero Waste research I've been doing that as I handled the blister pack and popped out the first pill I thought, what would a Zero Waste embracer do? Given they sacrifice toilet paper rolls in favour of reusable wipes and refuse to eat meat because of the waste it apparently creates, I would not be surprised that some of them would rather keep the fever than throw a blister pack into recycling. You read that right. Recycling takes resources, energy, time to happen. So even recycling is the very very last option for a ZW lifestyle.

Lesson of the day: We must choose our battles and in this case, that foil and plastic wrapping meant the world to me since it contained the medicine that was making me lucid enough to notice it was even there. ZW, I'll be there for you when I can, but extremity is never good and the repercussions in this case pretty hot (excuse this feverish pun).

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