Friday, 13 January 2017

Another Tiring Week

I'm sitting here with blurry eyes, tired limbs and a head that's about to explode for the long list of things it is still to remember to do. In fact I have to confess, I'm here out of duty today rather than my own will. Don't get me wrong, I love writing and get really excited about writing reviews, carrying out interviews, even posting pictures. My one problem right now with that, though, is that I am too exhausted to give it the time it needs.

So instead I decided to post a question today, for myself as well as my readers: What, really, is the meaning of our life? If I were to compare my life today to the one I had only a couple of years ago, I'd say I should be having more free time and time to focus on what I believe truly matters, rather than less. Isn't that one reason why I finally bought a car? After long years of sacrifice and bus rides, a car brought me a certain freedom I craved. Meanwhile, my son is growing up and should require less constant help and supervision at home (erm... well I did say 'should'!). On the other hand, we used to wake up after 6am on weekdays. Now, with my son being at the new school (and I could never grumble about this change as we wanted it since always) my morning routine starts at 5am through the week. I also ride my own car to and from work and guess what, although I've been working far from home for twelve years, I would previously sit back and relax whilst someone else (namely my husband or the bus driver) did the hard work of driving in this crazy country. Between these two changes my life has become like a marathon of trying to catch up... catch up with the laundry (does anyone ever?), make sure we're always stocked for groceries and toiletries lest we run out, try to catch up with writing deadlines (I missed one a little while ago for the first time ever and as you can see, I still can't forget about it!)

My noodles are getting cold so I'm off to my tv dinner of sorts whilst I leave you to answer one question for me: Does it ever get easier?

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