Saturday, 17 December 2016

Life-Talk, Christmas Time and Refurbishing

It's time for another blog entry and whilst I am working on a review for Episode 3 of White Heat I do want to talk about other things too, especially for those readers who are not interested in the series. After all, I have to admit that whilst I'm in love with it, it is very clearly not a mainstream kind of show. So instead today I will turn to other things that are currently going on.

As always, I am sharing here the link to an article of mine that's just been published on EVE. As most of you know, I am a pro-lifer. In my years of campaigning in favour of life, I have found that most of the time pro-choicers give reasons as to why they would consider else condone abortion. So I don't only make my point of view known in this piece but have also used my chance of writing about the subject to provide answers to pro-choicers' ideas. It is not enough to say what side you are on, but to clearly point out that there is always a way out of having to make such a drastic choice. Why choose death when there can be life? Where there is a will, there is a way.

On to Christmas, as it is now only one week away. With its religious, cultural, traditional and plain commercial sides, I must say that this year I am both more into the spirit of things as well as further away from it than ever. For the first time in ages, we have not decorated our house for Christmas though we do have the odd snowman and other small details around the house that hint at the time of year. My son set up his Christmas tree, Baby Jesus and wreath in his room but with all the clutter that is all over his room there isn't much of a Christmas feel anyway. The reason I opted out of the usual sparkling Christmas feel for our home is mostly due to that we are still refurbishing and it doesn't seem worth my while to do up the house only to keep moving things away from wherever we are making a very dusty or sticky mess else have everything end up under a layer of very fine chalk and dust. Also, our Christmas tree is quite bulky for our small house and there doesn't seem to be any space to put it up without having to bump into it every time I pass by its side. Here's hoping that the Minimalist in me can figure out more sparse rooms by next year so it can regain its place in the entrance to the dining area. Anyways, the point I was going to make was that seeing shops as well as relatives' houses done up in pretty seasonal decor has quite made me wistful to achieve the same next year. Maybe my Grinch years are finally over and I'll start honestly loving the Christmas cheer at home. Who knows, maybe the fact that our house has truly started to feel like home since we started doing it up to our liking has had an effect on me.

Talking about refurbishing, I still currently have a lot of stuff packed up in boxes, frames leaning against the wall in the corridor as well as even stuff stored away in my wardrobe, all of it in the name of keeping it away from the work area. I can't say I am not missing some of the stored items and there are a few pieces of decor that I am in love with that I can't wait to put in their rightful place. That said, living without 'things' for a while has made me realise it's not that difficult to do and I'll probably do away with quite a bit in order to keep the home with the feel I want.

I could ramble on and on and move to other things that are currently happening but I have just been called off to mummy duties. So this is it for now but I'll be back with more in a few days. :-)

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