Saturday, 26 November 2016

Some good and some bad this past week.

It's another weekend and things have totally shifted since last week. My knee is once again limiting me because of the extreme pain and that's making me more tired in general. Add to that, I am once again unable to get up on a step stool or look into lower cupboards as a result of the pain and what might be a new tear in the cartilage as well as general pain in both of my knees. Therefore I had to put a stop to the Minimalist Game, or rather whilst I still intend to eventually get to the end of it, it will not be in a timely manner! I am taking it more as a challenge to part with things that truly have no place in our home and that might already have been replaced by something better really. I managed today to find five more pairs of socks my son outgrew, but which still had a place in the crammed sock drawer.

Meanwhile, were it not so late and me so tired, I intended today to start a review about a BBC series from 2012 that I am watching. The name of the series is White Heat and having watched its first episode, I think I can guarantee enough to say about each instalment, given how detail-heavy it is. I will not however be tackling Episode One today, as truly each day is seeming more exhausting than the one before and I would rather write up my thoughts about this sixties-inspired drama in a better frame of mind. Thinking about it, that might even give some of my BBC-type-viewer readers time to look up the series for themselves and join me in my review by commenting their own thoughts (hint hint... I'd love that!)

That's all from me for today, as I still need to juggle some more housework and time for a meal before I crash into bed for what almost invariably ends up as a shorter rest till the morrow than intended. Hoping you have a lovely Sunday and new week ahead.

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