Thursday, 6 October 2016

What I Learnt This Week

I know it has been ages since I wrote about books and films on here but it's been another hard week which left me with barely time to eat and sleep let alone catch up with freelance work so this will be another impromptu entry.

This week marks an achievement in my lacking culinary repertoire, since I managed to make veal stew (for the first time) and all three of us actually enjoyed eating it! I am a lousy cook (my husband would say that's an understatement!) and don't usually do much cooking myself. So to see my son, who I must emphasise has a distaste for meals in general, forcing himself to eat more because he liked it so, even when he was full, was a big win.

On the house front, our living area is currently packed up in boxes and cupboards due to the refurbishment, and I have found myself singling out my favourite decorative items much more easily, because they are those items that I miss having in plain view. In fact, I found it pretty easy to haul four heavy matching canvas prints to the charity shop yesterday. A clear sign that they should go was the fact that what I felt as soon as we got them off the walls was relief. I had made the colourful and now outdated purchase ages ago, when we first started living in our current home. In a bid to fill the walls of a still new and empty place, I would bring home cheap and affordable purchases or ones that matched our rooms' style, without really knowing where I would be putting them, at times miscalculating their proportions on our walls or, worse than that, without even liking the thing I purchase. These items lingered, became too familiar to part with, and had my husband repeatedly advising he would rather keep them till we found a replacement to avoid having bare walls and shelves. Now that we have removed most everything from the areas we are tackling in our home project, there were no qualms about letting go. Out of sight out of mind they say, though it doesn't really work that way for those of us who are Minimalists, as whatever is in storage still weighs on my mind. Therefore I can't wait for our home to be ready and be able to unpack it all again, not only to put back my faves and the DVD/BluRay collection I am missing so much, but also in order to see what can go. As I believe I mentioned last time, the rule for my current decluttering campaign is 'Anything that doesn't fit must go', which will see a multitude of frames and knick knacks leaving the house, added to those I have parted with already. As Marie Kondo states, it really is about 'feeling' whether something gives you joy. Some things very clearly didn't so I decided we should part ways.

That said, I do not live alone. It is tricky at times, when other family members have different tastes or wants to your own and you're 'stuck' with an item you dislike on a daily basis. However, I have found that once I know an  item is treasured by someone I love, it automatically gains my respect and as a result even becomes more bearable to live with. A Capodimonte statue of red roses has gained its rightful place already in the new surroundings because my husband likes or loves it enough to actually remember it from time to time and ask where it is. Meanwhile my son specifically asked me to keep a set of three matching frames that house pictures of the three of us together. As I am not too sure whether I would like these frames to hang around and don't really have a place to put them, I asked him to tell me was it the photos or the frames he wanted to keep. He said it was the photos, but also made it clear he wanted them put in frames he liked. Compromise is, in this case as with everything else, key.

Multi-tasking is not a forte of mine but I have been writing this entry whilst eating my dinner, which I have now finished. As my to-do list for today is still not all ticked, I am going to have to end this here. Keep tuned, for next time.

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