Saturday, 3 September 2016


Not a very positive title today from a quite dejected Me. I am always striving towards being more Minimalist in both stuff and my calendar and also preach that we should always work less and take time to rest. However try as I might things just keep piling up and won't allow me a break.

For some reason, every time I see a blank day on my diary something just has to come up to fill it up, something beyond my control or else that I must do one day or the next so that I'd much rather brush it off my 'to do' list at the earliest (I am not a procrastinator and on the contrary, I panic when I see deadlines looming). I am currently trying to juggle all the following:

- a back-to-school list of things I must cross off (isn't it nauseating the way any time you order something or go shop for something there just has to be one item that turns out damaged and needs returning or that is currently out of stock or in a different outlet, so that you must make your way to the same shop or website twice?!) By the way, if you live in Malta and know which shop on the island stocks beige knee socks for boys then please please, I beg you, leave me a comment on here as I've run out of places to check out! (PS - someone other than the uniform provider as I've been and it turns out their smaller size is too small and the bigger size too big for my son's feet!)

- my hospital appointments are still not over. Why, just why, is my knee still playing up, tests all coming back ok or with more general problems like vitamin deficiencies, but nothing at all to indicate why after all the mornings I've spent in Outpatients and running around the hospital from MRI to Xray and bleeding room to Bone Density Scan and back to MRI, I still have no answer as to why my knee won't function normally and I'm still in pain, even after the long post-op recovery period is over?

- I've been buying things for our house! Now this one at least is worth the trouble (not that my son's education isn't, it's just the ridiculous amount of related errands that's getting on my nerves). Ok ok, I'm Minimalist and this is the last thing you expected to hear from me but there are purchases and there are purchases. What I meant to say was my husband and I've been shopping around for some big items that we still had not got round to getting for our house. Add to that some things were in need of a revamp if we want to do our beloved home justice by not leaving things half-done. And well, some things were also past their prime. This last makes me sound very old for my age, knowing I've been living in this house long enough to be already changing worn stuff when my friends are just getting married or still doing up their spare room!

So, I think the above put together give a good picture of just why I am totally knackered and they don't include my work days and multiple doctor and dentist visits that have been on the cards. Please someone, magic up a day off for me!


  1. On your rounds to find help for your knee pain you didn't mention physical therapy or massage... Often trigger points in the medial part of the quadriceps refer pain into the knee joint.... And there are other causes of knee/leg pain which can be addressed by hands-on techniques. Also electrostim /pads will block the pain.... Perhaps give the brain a chance to reset the "alarm system".

  2. For a day off, perhaps schedule that in first, and definitely write it in the schedule. Heard a lovely teaching story: a container could hold sand, gravel, pebbles, marbles, golf balls, tennis balls... If fill container with sand and gravel couldn't get larger items in, however if put larger (more important) items in first - could then put in smaller ones also... So if a day off is a big important rock for you, put it first in the container(schedule). When it is clear that your needs, are being met and are respected you may feel more gratitude and ease.

  3. Dear RHM, thank you for the comments. With regards to the knee problem, I went to physio for long months, only adding to my general whirlwind of errands without results. Even my physiotherapist concluded there was nothing at all that was going to really help in the long run, but would serve only as pain relief and even then, it was only the acapuncture that worked, rather than ultrasound etc.

    I do crave that day off but the thing is, as I mentioned, it's all stuff that really can't be put on the back-burner. School is soon starting and although I did not mention it specifically, I do work outside the house all day long three times a week, which leaves few days in which to get it all done. I am using my own type of diary (bullet diary I think it's called) and as it works better for me, I do a whole month on two pages to accurately see what errands I have, trying to at least not overbook myself. More than anything else, I am forcing myself to keep calm and take each day as it comes, rather than worry about it all beforehand, which seems to be helping.