Saturday, 23 July 2016

My First Beer Fest

Call me weird but I'd never been to a Beer Festival before. I sort of always imagined it was something aimed solely at beer-lovers, which I definitely am not. I did not imagine the food stalls (though truly I'm not a food-lover either and preferred to fill up my tummy at home, ensuring I ate something I liked as I am so picky) or the cool live performances. Even up to the second when I actually got there, I had a totally different impression of what the venue would be like, too. So yes, I can say I truly enjoyed the night and now I wish I'd done it every year previously too!!

Yesterday was the opening night of the Farsons Beer Festival, which is on till the 31st of July and boasts fantastic music that lures the crowds. It has bars with enough tenders not to keep you waiting and they are all wearing cool matching t-shirts to boot. They stock not only beer but also soft drinks and other beverages and whilst alcohol is strictly served only to over 17s, the atmosphere itself was child-friendly and even my six-year-old enjoyed the outing and got into the groove, listening to Claudia Faniello whilst goofing around with his dad.

For anyone interested, entrance is free and there is ample parking space, also free. It opens at 7.30pm and the line-up can be found here:!the-programme/cee5 For those reading this blog who are foreigners (which would be more than half my audience), the Festival is being held at the National Park in Ta' Qali, Malta.

N.B. This is not a paid advert, I am only sharing interesting information with my readers based on an experience which was new to me and therefore worthy of a blog post.

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