Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Hilarious and #OMG! Read

Buying books has become a nightmare for me. They cost a lot (considering how long, or not, it takes me to read them) and I read most of them just the once for remembering all the details in them or else not being too impressed by them. This, as well as that I know for a fact that most of them won't make it to my permanent bookshelf (I'm a Minimalist, for those who're new here) have made parting with hard-earned cash for books an irrational thought.

So whilst I do buy some books (mostly if I know they'll probably be keepers) I also visit the library, borrow from friends (though not too often as I'm quite picky) and have a sponsorship from Agenda Bookshop when it comes to books I review professionally. That said, there is another last option for those of us who want to get hold of books without forking out too much for them... the second hand option. Amazon and Rakuten are brilliant in this area but I also occasionally shop at the Happy Paws Charity Shop that's minutes away from my home. Usually priced at only a few euro, their books are a good enough deal for me to read and then donate back for them to resell!

A couple of weeks ago, I turned up at Happy Paws with some bagfuls of stuff for them to sell and seeing as my son wasn't too keen on getting out of the shop before going through their collection of pre-loved toys, I myself opted to spend some time browsing the bookshelves. Sticking out like a sore thumb between lots of boring or romantic (I usually class the two under the same title!) novels, I found a gem. There was no way I was leaving the shop without the Graham Norton-written The Life and Loves of a He Devil. What could be the worse to happen? I'd return the book unread if I found it not to my liking.

Norton happens to be my all-time favourite TV presenter and yet I was not sure what I would find between those naughty-seeming pages. Enough to say the Sunday Times wrote about it 'I defy anyone not to snort, howl and recoil'. What a review! And what a review I am about to give it myself! Suffice to say, this one is not returning to the charity shop for resale. Instead it will be getting a place in my Hall of Fame (i.e. my home library which is as Minimalist as I am). I am now at the end of the fifth of the very long chapters in this un-put-downable read. Truly, I couldn't put it down from the very first chapter, in which Graham Norton relates anecdotes from his life as a dog owner, including a Labradoodle gate-crashing a picnic and another pet dog's unexpected midnight swim in The Thames (not to mention an episode involving a missing condom which seems to have made its way into the mouth of a dog and out the other end!)

After a dogful of episodes that would put anyone off becoming a dog-owner, the following chapters I have read up to now have dealt with anything from episodes about Norton's mother, his pursuit of Madonna, his relationship with booze as well as that with his native Ireland. Mentioning these I am only just skimming the surface of the pages brimming not only with biographical facts and anecdotes from his life but also with enough humorous content to have you laughing your head off almost literally.

In fact, scratch my to-do list for tonight... I am delving into that sixth chapter for more!

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