Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The #MeBeforeYou phenomenon

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It's a book that's sold millions and which has been turned into a film starring hot Sam Claflin and the lovely Emilia Clarke, to be released on 3rd June in the UK and the USA, then gradually around the whole world. For fans in countries where the film will be shown dubbed in a language other than English, such as Italy, the wait will be a little longer. Meanwhile, as we wait with bated breath for this amazingly romantic if tragic film to become available to watch (and rewatch, and rewatch) we'd do well to read the book (or reread it to refresh the details). It is fast-paced and written in a light way, so we'll have reached the ending for sure by the time we get our cinema tickets. And for those that need a little more convincing before they go ahead and buy the book (if they find it that is, as the shops can't seem to restock this novel fast enough and it keeps going out of stock!), here's my review which is, surprisingly for me, an all-good review:


Picture found at http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/me-before-you-extended-trailer-shows-will-traynors-accident-w200438

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