Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I Dreamt My DVD Collection Had Vanished

Around a week ago, my Hugh Grant DVD collection just vanished into thin air. I searched and searched, scratching my head trying to think where on earth they could be, willing them back into my library. I woke up before finding them but thankfully it was only a dream and they're still lined in two small rows sorted by colour for harmony's sake.

Many a time since becoming a Minimalist have I questioned their place in my home, as well as felt guilty at spending money on some of the titles, as they are clearly not worth re-watching. Sorry Hugh, but even I must admit that films such as Train to Hell and Small Time Crooks are not worth more than one viewing, if that.

However, despite this, I could never give away my collection or a part of it, simply for the sake of simplifying my life. The film world is a part of my life, whether people understand that or not, and I do truly enjoy watching the whole of an actor's filmography, examining each storyline as if it held the key to one of the world's secrets. And actually sometimes it does!

If I had not sought to buy those films of Grant's that are little known or not at all, I would never have stumbled upon Our Sons or Maurice, for example. Both these stories deal with gay protagonists in a world that is barely tolerant of them at best, and give a heart-wrenching portrayal of how cruel fate can be. They also strive to show that there truly is no need for such hostility, that humanity resides or at least should reside, in all of us regardless of gender, colour or religion, as well as also regardless of social class.

But I digress here. The point is that each DVD in my collection has given me something - a memory; an eureka; at times a whole new way of seeing things - and whilst I am able to remember all this regardless of whether the actual DVD still sits on my shelf, I treat what I call my HG collection as a whole and wouldn't dream of giving away a part of that whole, though I will always keep on adding to it still with new titles and old.

When it comes to DVDs, I think of them in batches - an actor's filmography, a whole series, Harry Potter, the Marvel franchise - and one missing title seems to throw the set off balance in some cases. However one thing I did learn along the way, is that unless a 'set' is made up of instalments that follow each other, I should feel free to buy only those titles that I either love already or think I might, rather than even those I would never dream of popping into the player. In the same way, I find that I am buying the BluRay version of films that benefit from the added image detail whilst getting DVDs of films that are not dependant on design of some kind, when there is a notable difference in price.

It is true that the size of the casing of the two options differ and also true that as a result, my Sam Claflin collection sits in two different places, his Hunger Games character mingling with Harry Potter and Downton Abbey characters, whilst Love, Rosie has taken up residence beside my husband's Lee Evans show DVD because sometimes size does matter, at least when trying to give some semblance of order to an ever-growing set of colourful and titled boxes.

I have written at length about a film collection that is slowly but surely gaining always more prominence in the living area of our open plan. This is still quite alright with me, as we are all three of us film enthusiasts at home and I am a film-lover as much as I am a Minimalist. When it comes to books, however, despite being an avid reader, I take a totally different stance, making sure they do not take over our little world. Here is a link to my 'Minimalist Library Mindset' entry:


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