Saturday, 2 April 2016

Recap of a Week's Revelations

It's been a weird kind of week, especially as I was away from home for quite a few days so it's all been quite different to the usual routine. However I must say that I have made a few revelations along the way albeit maybe silly ones to the rest of the world:

There are things I love and there are things that make my life practical and I truly missed one of the latter when I omitted to pack my manicure set for my trip. It's not just about vanity although I have to admit I did miss my tweezers (don't mirrors always show you those errant facial hairs when you have no tweezers on hand?) My nail scissors would have come in handy too seeing as my son's toenails were starting to grow too long and I even needed to get a tag off a new cap I bought. I don't think I'll be forgetting to pack my set again after the numerous times I missed it!

By the time I left home on Easter afternoon, our kitchen was full of figolli (a traditional Maltese Easter baked good with an almond filling) and chocolate in all shapes, all of them gifted to us. The sheer number of sweets continued to rise when my son was given so many more chocolate gifts at the in-laws' by various family members. My first instinct was to start making a dent in our supplies in order to manage to go through all the sweet items before they went bad and guiltily ate on and on whilst wondering would my office pants fit again following the short recess and also wondering how I'd manage to get the piling weight off again. Then I had an eureka... why was I eating the stuff just to avoid it going bad when after all, it's not like sugary stuff is even good for us?! So am trying to limit my intake and rather than feeling like we're on a marathon I decided that there's nothing wrong if we don't finish it all after all! We'll enjoy it while it lasts without pigging out and if any of it goes bad well then that's tough luck.

A final revelation, one which was quite shocking to me, was that Minimalism can't be explained to someone who clearly loves 'stuff'. Unless there is already at the least a curiosity in reducing to make a change in your life then there is no understanding how one can prefer to and actually love more the idea of living with less. I might not be the most eloquent of people when trying to explain something face to face (maybe that's why I love writing so much!) but I did get the feeling that my listener was already set to dislike my reasoning simply because I said I ditch stuff and don't mind that and that I don't 'need' it, even when it comes to sentimental items. I guess it's taught me not to go about saying I'm a Minimalist in this country, just as my mind said I shouldn't but I never do listen to myself it seems before trying something and tripping up!

So that's all from me for today but keep tuned as I'll be linking an interesting review next time.

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