Saturday, 16 April 2016

A Showcase... Of Classic Musicals.

It's that time of year again, when my family and I eagerly make our way to St Monica School, in Birkirkara (Malta), for a show that can never be forgotten.

Year after year this school reveals to the world how even youngsters can present a brilliant performance of professional standard, if only they have the right support and help from adults, in their case in the form of teachers, Sisters and school staff as well as parents.

From a reproduction of Pocahontas to Cinderella's enchanted carriage, the vibrant costumes accompanying Lion King's 'Circle of Life' and saddening scenes from Les Misérables, the minute details from every scene from every play I ever attended at this school's yearly event remain with me in memory for the amazing professionalism with which they are put together and presented.

This year, the school presents A Showcase of Classic Musicals, taking us on a journey of music, dance and song that we'll definitely recognise from musicals we all love. The hundred and eighty strong cast is made up of girls of all ages, ranging from cute little Grade 1 five-year-olds to the teens in classes up to Form 4.

Tickets to watch this year's fascinating show are now available from St Monica School, Birkirkara (tel no 21490992). The show, which runs daily from Friday 22nd April to Sunday 24th April, starts at 7pm. Tickets sell at 8 euro for adults and 5 euro for children under ten.

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