Monday, 29 February 2016

It's Been A Month

It's been a month since my knee operation and my level of frustration is reaching a maximum that I didn't know I had. I was meant to do the arthroscopy in order that my knee might not limit me so much any more. Instead I find myself, though thankfully with my previous problem 'fixed', still unable to perform the most basic of tasks. You haven't encountered embarrassment till you find yourself needing to ask for the key to the lift at your son's Parents' Day because, even in your early thirties, you find yourself unable to go up a staircase. Meanwhile an outing with my son last Saturday, my first since the operation, turned into an ordeal of trying to attract as little attention as possible whilst limping all the time. My reward for the brave act of trying to live 'normally' and browsing through a couple of stores? A swollen knee so painful I could not get around at home either for the remainder of the day.

I know there are more interesting things to talk about and I'm working on them for the next posts but I thought an update to my life might be more interesting than nothing at all in the meantime. After all, blogging is about expressing yourself and what better way of venting off frustration than to deal with it in writing? Here's hoping my life returns to normal someday soon.

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