Saturday, 20 February 2016

Gearing Back to 'Normal'

For the past few months, my life's been in turmoil. I could say it was because as a working mother I never catch up, I could blame it on that I am trying to build a career as a writer whilst being said working mother during the day and therefore having to work nights and weekends. I could also blame it on my son's homework that literally takes hours out of my week (I've already grumbled enough about that in another post!) but really and truly, despite that all of these things bug me quite a bit and must be dealt with regardless, I am talking here about something totally different which is what has made my life a struggle for a few months.

I woke up on the 4th of November 2015 to a day I assumed would be like any other. What I had no idea was that by the afternoon I would have a nagging pain in my knee, which became accompanied by a limp as the evening wore on. Who knew that by the end of that day I'd be laid up unable to move my knee at all for the pain! With an assortment of pills, creams and physiotherapy my knee got only slightly less painful and I was unable to live a normal life for the excruciating pain till I finally got an MRI done and the result was a very obvious tear on the inside which would require a keyhole operation. This is the operation I mentioned recently that had me laid up at home recovering. The good news is that despite a very long journey to total recovery, I should now be able to resume my normal days and be able to walk although it is proving very difficult to bend my knee well or move it any way I want as I would have prior to the whole ordeal.

Admittedly, I won't be wearing heels or going on a hike anytime soon. I still have to manage to get into the driver's seat of my car, come to that! However, simple things like being able to pick up the book for my next review from the bookshop rather than requiring someone else to do it on my behalf for not being able to walk are a huge relief. It's amazing how a simple injury, if so I could call it) will so stop you in your tracks, literally.

So finally, the black cloud that forever accompanied my every movement, causing me to postpone an artist interview indefinitely, absent myself from a family wedding and generally disrupted my whole routine and dissuaded me from scheduling anything at all unless absolutely necessary, may finally have lifted.

The pain continues, hopefully only temporarily through the three months total of recovery, but the thought of being free to walk without inhibitions and not get tired out just from standing for two minutes, is in itself a push towards gearing myself to getting back on track with life. Let's hope the operation was a total success and that come the end of April latest, the pain will be gone, I'll be able to literally get back to crouching down by my son to play with him, and that the constant nagging feeling that I might wake up tomorrow and have to cancel any appointment I have for the pain will be a thing of the past.

The very idea that there is an end to the ordeal and that even now I should already be on the way to a total mend, is enough to propel me forward and help me achieve all the things that, laid up with nothing much to do for over two weeks, I thought up and now want to carry through.

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