Sunday, 31 January 2016

London is more than just for shopping and history... it's the place to enjoy a filming pilgrimage

I am currently laid up at home recovering from an operation to my knee which seems up to now, thank God, to have been a success. However it will still mean hours upon hours of boredom else film-viewing seeing as I am confined to sitting with my legs up on the sofa all day long. So I have decided to make the best of a difficult situation and will be brushing up on my reading skills as well as examining as many films as I can and will ultimately bring said masterpieces to the attention of you readers here and on too through reviews.

In the meantime till I actually have written down any of the reviews that are swirling around in my head waiting to be expressed in some form, I give you the links to a series of articles I tackled last year for online magazine EVE, and which are still as valid today as back when they were written. I present to you, in fact, your guide to a London film pilgrimage:

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