Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Resolutions... Sleep Glorious Sleep

As we near the end of 2015, which has had its ups and downs including a fab trip to Cheshire county and Wales as well as the unanticipated passing of my gran (may God bless her soul), it is time to make some resolutions.

Now I am not one to make resolutions as a rule. The thing is, I believe both that a) there is no need to wait for a new year to commit to bettering something and b) making resolutions is usually about things you find extremely difficult to do and being a perfectionist I hate setting goals that I might fail from achieving.

This year however I am going to try taking this seriously. One of the reasons why I turned Minimalist (oh yes at this point I can safely call myself that though I am in no way an extremist like Leo Babauta from is that I want to have more time for things and people that really matter. And so, making resolutions is actually in line with my current frame of mind and the goals I am willing to achieve in both the near and far future.

As with everything else, some resolutions are personal - promises to myself or to loved ones to be better in some areas that cause myself or them discontent - but others can be safely categorised as sane promises to want to commit to. My first one that comes to mind is Sleep. Yep, you read right - Sleep is elusive in my household... my son who has a bedtime and requires all of his 9-10 hours of nightly sleep is the one who always wrestles sleep-time whilst I am the hypocrite who constantly berates him for so doing and then finding every excuse under the sun (or moon!) to prolong the day before I have to get into bed to sleep. I say 'have to' because it does sound to me like sleep is a waste of time. Ok, let me rephrase that. I think sleep is overrated and a time-waster every evening but then I regret thinking so every following morning (does that even make sense?!) So for the nth time (but probably the first time as a New Year's Resolution), I am listing sleep enough as a priority. Which means, erm, that I should be off now, precisely, to sleep! :-)

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