Friday, 11 December 2015

Love, Rosie - A film worth watching

A couple of weeks ago I watched this really sweet film called Love, Rosie (2014). I first stumbled on this title through a trailer that had me curious about the story from the first. The film is based on a novel by Cecelia Ahern (author of P.S. I Love You), which is called Where Rainbows End.

Love, Rosie is a typical and yet unique take on love and what happens when it's too close to home. Rosie and Alex have been best friends since always. Ever since they were young, Rosie is the person who listened to Alex relating his weird nighttime dreams whilst Alex is that guy who is always there for Rosie. Rosie is the friend who he excitedly tells when he has had sex for the first time and Alex is the guy Rosie calls when her own sexual encounter goes very wrong. They are intimate in everything, except for their real feelings about each other. Rosie encourages Alex to go out with a girl who obviously has a crush on him because he couldn't possibly want to go out with Rosie herself, could he? Meanwhile Alex drives Rosie to the prom, which she too is attending with someone else, which he can't really tell her not to right?

This is a story that accompanies the characters through important life milestones, most of which the two best friends share. In fact, there is only one secret Rosie is not prepared to tell. It is that one experience that will shape her whole life, for good or ill, and for a while it leads her away from her dreams. But then the person Rosie relies on most of all unexpectedly dies and what happens when she finds his last letter full of advice? Just as she's taken Alex's weird dreams in her stride, she must now confront her own.

Even simply by watching the trailer I knew this was going to be a love story and a love story always ends with a happily ever after. It is expected though maybe unoriginal, and originality is my best friend. Through the first half of the film, with its build-up and unfolding facts, I was convinced this would also be one that would find resolution in the friends' acceptance of the truth of love. But as the fictional years rolled by and both the partners' lifes got more and more complicated, my certainty of the outcome was gone. I started to think this was going more the way of Prime (2005) and Closer (2004)

On the other hand, it reminded me also of Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), where like Carrie and Charles, Rosie and Alex too keep meeting and exchanging intimate moments and yet always have to go away from each other again. Would they, like Charles and Carrie, eventually give in to what they really feel? This I won't be telling you as I do not want to spoil the ending to a perfectly mishapful narrative but I am glad to say, it had me crying by the end.

Alex is played by Sam Claflin, in an 'Oh my gosh could he be any more perfect?!!' role, not just looks-wise but even when it comes to character. No wonder Rosie (played by Lily Collins) can't find a partner to match that perfect dream boy. Between them, Claflin and Collins create the heart of the film, as they face life with facial expressions and farcical scenes that will have you wanting more.

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