Thursday, 24 December 2015

Back to Basics... more reading about and practice of the Minimalist Lifestyle

It's going to be a short entry today and it has nothing to do with that we're on Christmas Eve. As I've been saying lately on here, I am turning once again to a Minimalist life and I must say I am very pleased with the progress I've been making. After going through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying which I mentioned last time, more than once, I have finally received the parcel with my latest book purchase, which is Francine Jay's The Joy of Less which is nothing short of brilliant. I am not yet halfway through it but even from the introductory page, Francine can not only be persuasive but also very good at selling her idea. In fact what fascinated me most about her style of writing is the way she presents her arguments (despite reading this from a Minimalist point of view I am a writer and so notice these things out of habit!)

I will not be going in depth into this book's teachings, or at least not at this point. The one thing I am going to say though is, it really makes Minimalism an addictive lifestyle and even just two days after starting the book I have already seen a further change in my attitude towards stuff, clutter, and what it is I truly want versus what is just sitting there 'just in case' which usually means never to be used again. I thought before that through the years of minimising and my knowledge and practice of the KonMari method (check this entry for how it works: I had got to my limit but Francine Jay proved there was still further I was ready to go on my Minimalist journey. And with every item purged, I feel lighter, happier and generally freer.

So I must be off now, to continue on what I can only describe as my journey to freedom.

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