Monday, 16 November 2015

Giving Minimalism another try

As I've mentioned on this blog at other times, I gave Minimalism a try a few years ago when I hit a very bad time in my life. You know how at times you need that drastic change to feel like you're trying to get out of whatever bad spot (or at times unfortunately much worse than a bad spot) you might find yourself in. Minimalism offered me just that and decluttering my life from physical clutter gave me an energy I needed in my soul, if that makes any sense at all.

Now although I am not going through another crisis I am still quite tempted at giving Minimalism a second chance because truth be told, I did slacken off quite a bit and opted for a Simple life instead for the couple of years since.

So as from now, I'll be adding a new label to my blog where I will be recounting what works for me and what doesn't when it comes to Minimalism. I'm sure to struggle in some areas, whilst excelling at some others. I have already tried the KonMari method on my clothing items with success though I did fail to control the other areas of my life with this method which is quite extreme and requires the right mindset which I didn't (and maybe still don't) have.

I am off for now as my life is currently cluttered not only in the literal sense but also commitment-wise. I cannot ever slacken on certain duties and most of my life is set around duties related to family and work that I could not shake off. However I do hope that Minimalism might give me a freer and less busy life through other things it will make me change.

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