Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Food and Film-Time

Over the weekend I wrote a blog entry which I will be publishing next week, as I would like it to coincide with a particular date. As a result I've been left with no time to write up this week's post and so I'll play it by ear.

I'd promised myself, and even mentioned on here, that come Autumn when routine picks up for my family again, I would find the time to start eating more healthy. And so I am doing! I have not totally omitted fattening or unhealthy foods but taking them sparingly is to my mind no hindrance on the healthy diet. Unfortunately however, what is proving to be tricky is breakfast time. Now that's ironic considering it was the one healthy meal I never forgo, whatever the day or season. However it has now become the most complicated choice to make! I am just a bit lactose intolerant (I can take tiny amounts of milk or condensed milk) and so not able to take cereals with milk, therefore ending up with very dry options!! I also found out the hard way that the negligible amount of nuts in Minibix fruit and nut (I don't like the chocolate variety) is affecting my frequency of getting mouth ulcers. Meanwhile I read lately that as someone with blood type B positive I should be avoiding wheat and chicken as they tend to cause lethargy. Although a little sceptical of this news, I did try to find alternatives to Weetabix, which is one of the few cereals I can actually enjoy eating (with a small amount of condensed milk diluted with hot water) and I was surprised to find that I do feel better on mornings when I avoid wheat and take muesli instead (quite a parching option I'm afraid).

But enough about foods, and on to TV series, which I don't talk about on here as often as I do about feature films. The thing is, few series grab my attention so that I am willing to go back for more the following week (or following day or hour if it is an old one that I am not watching on a first airing but on DVD). I can probably count the number of series I've watched in a lifetime on my fingers. With Downton Abbey back on air for its final season, I'm savouring each episode willing it not to end after the forty-five minutes are up. (Here's my article with what I expect out of the sixth season, which was written before any of the episodes aired:

Meanwhile, for the first time in my life, I am watching three other series at the same time. You might be wondering how I find the time, considering I'm always whining about not getting enough rest and not catching up even. That is exactly why mealtimes come in useful. I watch the weekly Downton episode whilst taking a mid-morning snack on a day I'm not at the office, then continuing to watch it as I hang up the washing on a clotheshorse and then sit down for the remainder of the episode sorting through the clean laundry. At times I even manage the ironing at this time! And back to more food (for someone who dreads mealtimes I'm talking quite a bit about my eating habits today!) I watch Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with my hubby whilst we have our evening meal, sans kid, who would be asleep already by that time.
Some series and mini-series

The fourth and last series that I'm currently watching is the very old A Very Peculiar Practice, a BBC series from the eighties (I so love watching old stuff, just as I love owning replicas of stuff from previous decades and dream of living in a house right out of the fifties). I usually watch this series on days when I'm not at the office but when I've already watched the weekly Downton episode on another day. As with Downton, I find I can follow what's on screen whilst not stopping my chores (after all I always have enough laundry in the house to occupy me in this way.)

I am now off, having eaten my lunch hour sandwiches whilst writing finishing off this entry (see how useful mealtimes can turn out!).

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