Friday, 14 August 2015

The Breakfast Eaters

This title was kindly provided to me by my five-year-old son and seemed just the thing to talk about for some humour.
There are two kinds of people - those that let disposables/food finish and then go back to buy more, and those that stock things so that they never run out. I'm the kind that panics if I so much as see the level of a particular something dwindling. Which is why I have a cupboard full of different cereals. Or well, truth be told, I had!!
Now for those followers who are not from my country, I must first explain that I live in a hot climate, or so they say. I usually beg to differ when we have a harsh winter. Point is, heat makes everyone and everything go nuts - people get nervous, dogs lie around with their tongues out and no desire to run after balls, and food goes bad.
This last is the topic on my mind today. I plan on recounting a small mishap that happened to me a few days ago.
I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on and saw something that looked very similar to a tiny moth (I'm sorry but I am not very literate about insect kinds). It was on the wall and I was quick to grab it in a tissue before it flew away. I managed and threw it in the bin. So when I went back to the same area later and found another at exactly the same spot, I thought I was seeing things. Once again I repeated the movement - tissue, moth, bin - and forgot all about it. Till it happened again, then again and again!!! Surely, this wasn't normal.
Now remember the cereal cupboard I mentioned earlier? Turns out these insects were coming out of that cupboard, in which they were having a feast. So at 10pm my plans of a writing session went out the window and I tackled the cupboard instead. Out came all the cereal packets, which I checked one by one (unfortunately most ended up in the bin for having been touched already by the moth-like insects) and then I cleaned up the interior. Now my cupboard looks very bare with its pitiful remaining stock until I can go to restock (very wary now as it seems that I must have bought a pack that had insects inside it already). And so we come to my son's complaint - he is quite pissed off that the Breakfast Eaters, as he so named them, are the cause of the loss of most of his cereal packets.

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