Wednesday, 5 August 2015

On NOT Catching Up

As the time taken for this new entry to appear on the blog clearly shows, I am not catching up!

As soon as I switched on my Macbook and logged in this morning, a sign flashed onto the screen. My calendar program was reminding me it was time to see to the washing machine’s filter again. So was it time to wash the dishwasher (yes, you can actually clean your dishwasher - give it a nice long hot bath with its favourite lemon-scented soap to coax it into working efficiently and also in order to help it stay feeling well). A third sign, this time to change the water filter on the Brita jug, also popped up.

Now many people are quick to tell me not to mind, that it doesn't matter, that I shouldn't worry about the house being upside down, that the washing up can wait and that so can the laundry, as well as the various filters and other things that all appliances, big and small, seem to need changed or seen to every so often.

How wrong they are! There is a limit to how much you can actually leave till tomorrow. Because tomorrow you'll wake up to a brand new day, use up more plates, pots and glasses as well as more items of clothing and underwear. Multiply this by however many people live in the house! What's the point of saying you can afford to leave things undone when it's not true? With that kind of reasoning I could easily leave all the plates etc in the sink for a month! Because really, how will tomorrow prove less stressful and give me more time? How about the fact that with summer in Malta being what it is, it is proving extremely difficult to have any clean towels in the bathrooms, or facecloths for that matter, even when I do care and mind and stretch myself to get on top of the laundry!

The same reasoning goes also for chores that do not occur every day. I can easily leave the washing machine filter a couple days more without a cleaning but if I don't MAKE the time then this task is never going to magically fit itself into my schedule. Talking about such things, my tumble drier has a way of ensuring you DO give its filter a good clean whenever it requires it - it automatically stops working whilst switching on a red warning light after every certain number of cycles - a sure way to get me to not miss out on the dreaded (and important) task. Same goes for the dishwasher when it's time to feed it some more salt. Even before the signal lights up, I can see that it is leaving residue over some items after a thorough program, clearly indicating that I'm better off stopping from whatever else I am trying to do and fixing the issue then having to continually rewash things in the sink. And at this point, for those wondering why on earth I mentioned earlier that I actually do the washing up in the sink, it's because I was a) speaking in general about a household problem and b) because of the zillion plastic containers and plastic children's glasses, plates etc that appear to pile up in my sink, as well as that we often find ourselves needing to reuse a pot or pan before I've actually filled and started a load in the dishwasher.

Now why am I saying all this? Mostly because it gets on my nerves how people expect me to just laugh and be merry whilst my mind is continually cluttered up with thoughts such as that my son's got no clean glasses to drink from or that I might actually have to wear the same bra on a following day if I didn't make it a point to keep up to date with the laundry! And the two examples I have exhausted in this entry are only two common household problems and by no means the only things I should be catching up on in a more timely way.

Having had my rant for today, I can at least cross off one item from my never-ending list of 'to dos' - 'update your blog at least once a week' - which it is obvious from the date at the top of this post is something that I did not manage to keep!

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