Sunday, 30 August 2015

On Dieting Tomorrow and Being Happy Today

Some people say tomorrow never comes. Instead I say my tomorrow will finally appear at the end of September. "Why?" you may be asking.

As from October each year, our household resumes a routine that is quite lost during the summer, when I keep the same working hours whilst my son is off school and my husband's seasonal work picks up. So technically, the summer is to me the very definition of chaos as a rule.

Now I am not sure but I think I have previously pointed out, it is my husband who does the cooking at home. He took over the role of chef when I had a baby (over five years ago!) and we never looked back at my mediocre cooking! So with summer being such a busy time for him and with his work hours being so erratic over the June-September period, I often find myself having to cook for myself and my son (two different dishes please note as my son still insists he likes practically no ingredients in the world and I would get pretty fed up and remain quite hungry if I were to cook the same things for myself.)

So as a rule what happens is I ensure to give my son his meals in a timely manner, and forget all about my own till after he is asleep as with a zillion things to do and a very needy demanding clingy little boy this is the way to choose the easier dinner time - no interruptions and preferably something not messy so that I can easily eat it at my desk whilst working). As a result, I usually pop some very unhealthy food (think pizza being among the healthiest options right now!) into the oven to cook on its own whilst I shower and maybe tidy up our home a little. Add to that, dieting includes taking some type of salad to work (I mean pasta salad, rice salad etc... the filling kind!!) rather than buying a take out baguette, seeing as my body seems to object to bread and stores it all into added kgs and a bigger circumference for my body. But getting a salad ready requires yet more time that I currently don't have.

Hence why I give up on trying to diet today and plan instead of starting a serious diet come October. That said, there are some things that can't wait till October. Whilst this list includes rushing around trying to get all of my son's school stuff ready (uniform, shoes, stationery, a satchel and the list goes on) as well as planning to book a pre-school haircut for same little boy, there are also numerous other things I have got to be doing, like housework (I'll pretend I didn't hear myself mention that one!!) But over and above all the to-dos and to-nots, I have decided I should be taking up The Happiness Project. I know I have said this before, more than once, and never stick to it, but there are some things going seriously awry. To start off, I am going to try to keep to a self-imposed rule that I must get enough sleep. I am getting less than 6 hours of sleep most nights (thank you very much to a person who upset me on another social media account when I said I'll love having my son back in school so I can get things done during the day rather than instead of sleeping!). In fact last night, due to a pact I made with myself that I'd sleep enough, I got up in the morning much more refreshed and able to tackle the day, rather than looking around me as if I were still in a daze.

So from now on, everything around me can just go to hell (excuse my wording but it's the way I'm feeling) if it is past a certain hour - I am going to get myself enough sleep come what may. Not only so, but I am going to draft up for myself a list of all those little things that affect me so much for doing/not doing them and ensuring that my happiness comes before other things as long as I am not causing anyone harm. That means that I will find some free time for myself (yes dear person who once again lashed out at me on yet another post I wrote elsewhere) because it is a poor world to live in if we're acting more like zombies from being overloaded and it's not fun for anyone, most especially our own kids, when the mother is not feeling well from that overload.

I am now off to live life, away from a computer screen (checking my FB account less times a day is on my list of things to do!) other than when I am either working else to finally maybe get a chance (given my imposed free time schedule) to properly see what The Sims 4 can do.

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