Friday, 19 June 2015

"Time to myself?!"

"Time to myself?!" Isabel Green exclaims in Nanny McPhee Returns (which you might also find instead as Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang).

My son laughed at me when I once admitted my favourite scene in all of the film is the one where she breaks down and shouts out all her problems. He thought it funny that I like it, whilst I love more than like it because I feel relieved any time I see I am not alone in thinking at times I am going nuts with all the things I need to catch up with.

This week in particular, I feel like my head is about to burst. It might be that I'm not getting enough sleep, that I've overworked myself, or simply that I have way too much to handle.

The thing is, seeing how I kept staring at my home in wonder at how on earth not only do we manage to make it so untidy, but more-so about how would it be possible to get it all under control again, I knew I had to take steps to rectifying this situation.

The answer came in the form of a really good self-help book that I ordered a few weeks ago, and whilst I had started already reading through it and was dying to try out all the tips and tricks in the books, I'd given that a miss for not having any time for it. That is, until only last week when, to add mayhem to mountains of clutter, I decided the best way to get the house in order would be to tackle this head on, regardless of how much more untidy it was going to get before I finally finished the process and therefore achieved the harmony that the book promised.

As directed in the book, I started first with my clothing and was amazed to see just how much I got rid of with this process, leaving me with the space necessary to carefully sort out the items that I did love and wanted to wear. Egged on, I decided I would not stop the process until I had more time but instead started tackling one type of belongings after another in some sort of race against myself. And this is where it has now led me - I am tired, irritable and there is even more clutter around the house in between books I wanted to throw out and which instead I promised to keep for family and friends till we somehow (think a year from now!) manage to meet up, clothing and other items that again I am slowly passing on to the people who really appreciate them, as well as bags full of stuff to take on to the charity shop which is quite a way from my house on foot, resulting in that said bags are only trickling out of my house and to the shop very slowly because of their being too heavy for me to carry!

Oh I am in no way dissing the book's method, which really delivers on its promise of achieving lovely tidy cupboards full of only the things you love whilst clearing your mind from its cobwebby thoughts related to eternal clutter and leaving you free to think and dream and make plans for the future. In fact, despite that I am now exhausted beyond what I thought possible from adding the process to my already full timetable, I do see where I am going in life much more clearly and can even envisage better what I want of my surroundings. The one thing I shouldn't be doing is going through the KonMari Method (as it is called) all at one go when I really should be catching up with all else. However I must admit, I really am addicted, and I don't think I could let go of the process and break it up into tiny bits per month. So I'll keep my headaches (literal ones) and rush around like crazy to catch up, so that once I am done with the whole process I can finally be more calm... Calm enough to take on the huge projects that are now creeping into my head more forcibly than ever before.

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