Friday, 12 June 2015

Affecting The Happiness Meter

I am a moody person. That, I admit with no excuses. Anything can make me ecstatically happy else plunge me into a sulky mood for a day (or two!) Maybe that is, after all, the reason why I have always wanted to be a writer. JK Rowling's imagination takes a boost when she's depressed and likewise I have written my best poetry when in pensive moods else high on happiness (or even low and in despair). My biggest problem seems to be, in fact, attaining and keeping what is called The Happy Medium. However, regardless of how easy or not it is for each of us to go from one end of the happiness meter to the other, we must admit that external factors play a big role in shifting that needle up or down.
A word can really put me down but can as easily make me happy beyond comprehension. In fact, a positive comment can accompany me for days or months even (like when someone said I'd lost weight and I'd really been trying to do so or the times a superior said I did a good job). Same goes for people who honestly listen when I confess to something that is troubling me.
Meanwhile some people are very much like the dementors of Rowling's imagination - sucking us dry of positivity whilst feeding on our discomfort. They will talk behind our back or make stinging remarks and generally try their best to make themselves happier in comparison by reducing our own level of feel-good vibes. Some people will show they are enjoying your company versus others who make it clear they would rather be elsewhere (maybe even stating it out loud!) Now whilst it is true that we should not let others make or break us, it is also true that no one is an island and humans need interaction with others, as my favourite book and film character Will Freeman (About a Boy) ultimately finds out.
Though contact with other beings, apart from being necessary and healthy, also directly affects our bigger picture, it is not the sole thing that does. Some of us are badly affected by change whilst others (like myself) thrive on it. Some of us might get a positive boost from buying something whilst others get more joy out of the expectation prior to buying something. In the same way think of the disappointment that accompanies the realization that you must forego, for some reason, buying or doing something you were looking forward to.
We are a complex type of being not as easily satisfied as other animals it seems. However even within our own species, there are sub-types that react differently to situations, people-problems and dilemmas. Some of us are opportunists, others charitable, there are those of us compassionate to the point of letting other people's circumstances affect our Happiness Meter. We all of us have a list of traits that make up our unique personality, which in turn is governed by what we feel because of those very traits. So whether you are a loner whose nightly ritual of reading in bed will help your happiness level up else someone that requires constant praise for a job well done, I think we must all of us look into ourselves for those special triggers that will allow us to control just how happy we aim to be.

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