Friday, 15 May 2015

Page 74… Daniel Cleaver is finally back :-D

I mentioned last time how I think of favourite characters in books like they are my best friends (and at times actually follow their twitter accounts too). As I mentioned another time, I’ve started on Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy and finally got to the page I’d been waiting for… @danielcleaverxx is back! Who cares that Mark Darcy is dead when I can still read about darling Daniel’s cheeky phrases and ways? He has got to be the most adorable of cads (ok ok, only second to About a Boy’s Will Freeman who is a much nicer person and less predatory).
Point is, his character is quite an addition to Bridget’s life diary and probably the main reason I read on through the second book, despite disappointingly finding very little Cleaver in that second instalment after all - a fact accurately pointed out by Hugh Grant during an interview with Oprah about the second film Bridge Jones: The Edge of Reason, which film is full of the character, complete with a second literal fight over Bridget.

Now it does help that in my mind I always picture Hugh Grant when reading about the incorrigible Daniel but I am sure that even without that connotation, I’d still be taken in by the suave Cleaver (by the way, I do think Helen Fielding had a reason for giving him that surname).

I am secretly hoping Bridget does marry Cleaver at the end of it. I know I know, the heroine should marry the hero at the end, like she kisses (and actually in the book more than kisses) Darcy at the end of the first instalment. But then I am always one to fall for the villain or the foil rather than the hero and excuse their ways and point out… maybe he’ll change his ways after all? Who knows… this question applies only to those who, like me still don’t know the ending… What do you think of a Mrs Bridget Cleaver?

PS - You may read all about the Daniel Cleaver portrayal in the films in this article I had written:

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