Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My Best Friends The Characters

I've started watching an old miniseries, which I will be reviewing once I've seen it through to the end. However this is not exactly about it but about something that came to my mind as an after-effect of watching it. I have watched up to now more than two hours in between two sittings and both times, afterwards, I couldn't stop thinking about it and, more to the point, about main character Charles as well as his two lady loves.

Does it happen to you that you get absorbed in the story (and this being biographical it counts all the more) to the point where you perceive the characters as real people you have somehow got to know? After the first part, which I watched in the evening before going to sleep, I woke up the following morning and directly once again thought of Charles and what he'd been up to in those last couple of minutes before I'd stopped the DVD. Somehow not only was I curious to know what would come next, but also felt compassion for his wife as well as trying to understand his mind and why it had led him to what he did. (Am trying here to avoid spoilers!)

This 'friendship of sorts', if I can so call it, with characters, applies even when I'm reading. I very rarely pick up a book to read that is not a novel, though I love reading articles and therefore non-fiction, on a daily basis. And with every good book (see how I specify 'good' here!) comes a set of characters so three-dimensional that it would be a pity not to let them take over a part of my life.

Some of them disappear back into the pages after I am done reading, but others accompany me through days, weeks, months, and sometimes never leave my life. Among these last I can easily mention Will Freeman (About A Boy) and dear Bridget Jones, who could only ever be the one person to understand me totally, given we are so alike (this refering to paranoia, clumsiness, bad-mothering guilt feelings and all the rest of her personality, rather than to the fact that two hot men pursue her throughout the first book!)

I must off now to real life and away from all thoughts about those fictional beings that I know better than some of my real friends! And with this good night, I invite you to pick up a novel of your choice and immerse yourself in it to that point of no return.

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