Friday, 24 April 2015

Photos and All

It's going to be not only long, but also about unrelated subjects this time, simply because otherwise I could never write enough posts to cover it all in a timely manner, seeing as there are so many other things I want to be talking about next time already. I'll keep it simple with titles:

Item for the Home
I bought loads of clothes on my trip to England, a whole mix of things from both brand-name shops (which include a gorgeous smartish dress for the summer) and less-expensive stuff from Maltese favourites Matalan and Primark (yes I do wear Primark, there's no shame in that is there?) However I only got one pretty heavy (especially considering its size) item for the home. It is the beautiful old-world frame that you can see here.

The Start of a New Book

I'm done with my library book (yes I had only the one as I know it takes me ages to read through a book with my busy schedule) so I have now selected one from my own shelf. I got it a year ago for my birthday but never got around to reading it, partly through wanting to 'save it', if you know what I mean. It's the third (and final) instalment of the Bridget Jones saga, called 'Mad about the Boy'. I am only at the very beginning and already being reminded just how wonderfully Helen Fielding knows how to bring her characters to life. And poor Bridget is still clumsily struggling with everything in life it seems.

Cheshire, Beautiful Cheshire (and a surprise)

I'd thought London was the perfect place for me but boy, if London's it for me as a writer, then Cheshire County is where's the perfect place for a family to be living! I make no secret of how much I'd love to move to England for good, though I will not go as far as to say it will definitely be happening. However I have over the past year learnt that the most important thing is to never let go of your dreams, whatever they are, and strive to make them come true, so I'll keep working on that one ;-)

I will soon move on to pictures from our holiday but first wanted to say whilst in Cheshire I had the opportunity of finally meeting my pen-friend of six years which I enjoyed immensely. I feel if we lived close we'd meet up quite a bit as I thought we were very similar in character and interests. Meanwhile something extraordinary happened during our meeting: we decided to go for a coffee (or tea really for me) and in passing a Caffe Nero she mentioned it was one Hugh Grant had visited - the man who is my idol and my hero. So obviously I couldn't pass by the chance of agreeing with her that it was a good place to get our coffee/tea. But hero-worship aside, here are some pics, starting with one of Lytham, which is my fave and taken at the place where I met my friend:

Then it's Manchester and a pic from Trafford Centre
And lastly Liverpool
There are many more photos to be showing you but that would turn this into an interminable entry. So I'll leave you with these ones taken in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, which show my character very well!!

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