Sunday, 12 April 2015

Paperback Ideas

I wrote this around 48 hours ago on a plane ride home from England but only now found time to copy it onto my blog and upload it. Meanwhile in truth I have now finished the book in question.

I'm just back from a holiday to beautiful Cheshire County in England (which included also a visit to nearby Wales). Although I will eventually write about some cool stuff and scenery I encountered (as well as the multitude of clothing items I bought and brought back with me!) I am today tackling something other than the holiday. The only bearing this entry has on the holiday is that the idea itself for the entry occurred to me on the last day, just hours before we vacated the room that was our home for eleven days.

At the last second as I packed for the trip, I impulsively put a paperback I'd just bought into the hand luggage. It was a murder mystery, one by Deborah Crombie, who has a habit of making trips into her victims' past which are somehow intertwined into the story and more particularly the motive for murder. Now whodunnits are among my favourite types of novels, since I love the way the author spins the story so that the pieces that make up the puzzle slowly come together till that final reckoning between police/hero/good-person and the found-out killer. And as I read through the chapters, from the very first, I tried to pick up possible clues from the subtlest of references and made up my mind as to who I thought the likely killer out of the suspects. Then as more information emerged I kept changing my mind about who and why could have carried out the murder, as well as how. Which made me realize just how fantastic it is that as I always read more and more and kept thinking I might have made a wrong turn in my reasoning over and over, I had in my mind spun even more original stories myself, stories that would never see print for having been spun out of a beginning that was not mine to begin with, featuring characters that my mind had 'copied' off someone else's.

I am still to finish the book, as I sit here over two hours into the Ryanair flight home, diligently starting on this blog post as a way of re-entering into my routine and the world I'd seemingly left behind me as I embraced the Cheshire landscape of beautiful houses with gabled slanting roofs and lovely red brick for a fantasy week and a half. So I cannot be entirely sure as to how the story is going to wrap up. However I am certain that even if one of the scenarios I imagined proves true, I have come up with other possible solutions to the puzzle that is a mystery story - many ideas that will go unheaded. Or maybe not? For there are a zillion overlapping imaginative paintings in an author's mind and the more ideas form themselves and blend into one another, the more new ones seem to be born. For lack of a better way of putting it I think what I'm trying to say here is, it is always about characterization and how people, even the ones that exist only on paper or in the mind, live, act and react to what is and happens around them.

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