Thursday, 30 April 2015

Massive Mess (Or A Mountain of it that's really a Molehill)

I'm seeing a massive mess all around me lately in the home but as I confess in the title, it's probably just that I'm blowing everything out of proportion.

However I do realise that quite a bit of clutter has wormed its way into our storage spaces since the big clean-out I carried out around three years ago when I opted to try Minimalism. Needless to say given my admittance to clutter, I had ultimately decided that Minimalism wasn't for me after all. However I have to say at the time I needed to give it a go, most especially because I was going through a tough time in life and somehow cleansing my physical possessions did provide relief and calm of a kind.

And now it's time to go through each nook and cranny all over again, having to be brutally honest with myself about every item if I'm going to bring some kind of order into our drawers and cupboards. Meanwhile I know already that the wardrobe in the main bedroom, despite groaning under the weight of all the things we stuff inside it, will not be getting a cleansing as it is the one place in the home where I'm always up to date with removing unusable (or just unused) stuff.

And with this advent of clearing out, I am starting two new labels for this blog: Home and Organization, as I plan on updating here with anything that is either worth a mention else too funny not to mention about these two topics.

Let's hope that having promised updates to my readers makes me keep up with the decluttering, if only because I like to keep my word when the promises I make are to someone rather than myself!

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