Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Question of Colour

A few years ago I was writing guest posts for IVillage.co.uk, which was a subsidiary of NBC. Unfortunatley it seems that this website no longer exists. Apart from that, I believe the content still remains mine as they never bought the article so I do not believe I am committing any faux-pas by reposting the article on here:

Make It A Light Blue For Me!

My toddler has lately taken to asking me for a particular ‘colours’ book to flip through. You are probably picturing a board book with splashes of blue, red and yellow, orange and green. So very wrong… the book of the hour is a design book by Kevin McCloud full of colour palettes for the home!

Whilst delighted at my son’s fascination with his mama’s favourite design element, I started to wonder what made the serious pictures so interesting to a one and a half year-old. Which led me to another question that was on my mind… why it is that he so often asks to go play in his new bedroom? Initially I thought it must be the sense of ownership luring him into the room he does not as yet sleep in. But come to think of it, even I am drawn to his sanctuary. And there was the answer on my bookshelf in plain view… it was the colours. The walls are painted what I could call a vivid light blue or else a muted version of cyan. The furniture is a reddish walnut in contrast. No wonder it is preferred to the other rooms in the home, with their whitish oak and wenge furniture.

Then again, my husband is so very content to sit in a darkly furnished room looking at the beige on the walls and isn’t very happy about the bright blue. My opinion? The beige looks lifeless to me, even depressing at times, whilst the blue... well, let's just say that approximately two years ago I was twenty weeks along in my pregnancy and the doctor announced I was having a boy… The relief of knowing there was no need to paint my child’s room a girly pink or lilac was way out of proportion! On the other hand, doesn’t a bright blue just make you want to sing and laugh? I could spend days in there and not get bored, it just makes me feel at peace with the world.

Over and over again, I've read in my reference books about how colour is of paramount importance and can change a scene so drastically that a few litres of paint are likely to makeover a room satisfactorily.

I've googled 'colours in the home' and come up with so many interesting propositions as to how it affects mood, energy, etc etc. So I had a good look at what my son's beloved blue should convey and found such a long list of positive attributes for this colour! It is calming and relaxing, refreshing, removes tension, encourages tranquility and gives a sense of peace. And with such a multitude of different blues come also different qualities. It was interesting to find out that a deep blue helps to make decisions (maybe that’s why all the dark blue business suits), aqua promotes a relaxed state and my favoured light blue brings harmony and dispels anger and is beneficial to relationships.

Could that be the reason why my toddler’s naughty ways aggravate me less when we are in his room?

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