Sunday, 1 February 2015

What I Want, What I Love and What I'm Good At

It will have to be another short one today as I have been too swamped to watch any film to review on here (well unless I count the pre-release screenings I've been attending at my country's sole film releasing agent but those are work-related and will get an exclusive from me for them so won't be revealing anything on here). Don't worry, each article will be linked on here once it is published but not before. Meanwhile what I can say is that my reviews for EVE are usually commercially oriented and I do have to stick to a word limit so eventually when I put together an appreciation of the film it will be a totally different thing, more analytical and more to this blog's usual style. But do click on the links, my works on EVE still reflect my personal opinions about filming and are an indication of whether you should/should not see something (well obviously it is then always up to you to decide at the end of it but my job is to present the good and the bad, at least what is imo the good and the bad.)

I said this was going to be short and then went off on a tangent instead! Back to today's topic. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. This has been brought about by the fact that I have never been as swamped in my life with work (I mean work work, not housework, mothering etc). As a result I had to take some decisions, some of import and some less so. The point is, I for example had to give up my 'business' selling unique hand decorated votive candles that I was designing myself (I also used to do unique Christmas tree decorations). I used to love doing them before, and looking online for new embellishments and seeing to always having stock on hand. It was lovely to see a creation being born in my hands and they were truly beautiful, if I may say so myself. Only the bumpy business side to it meant I was spending long hours doing something for practically nothing and I wasn't even enjoying it any more as sticking to deadlines always takes that away from you. In between that and the fact that shops have been either not making the effort to sell them else cheating me out of money or even in one case removing my brand tags and stickers from the items (without advising me) to avoid that anyone should refer to me directly instead of through the shop for further purchases, it's been one ugly experience trying to deal with shop keepers though I did have response from customers and they were selling (as long as they were keeping them on view that is!)

Anyways, back to today's title. My 'Creating Beauty' venture is therefore now closed and it is because a) I do not want the hassle any more or the long hours working on items that were yielding nothing back apart from the satisfaction b) I am now doing what I love best i.e. writing for a job (albeit only freelancing whilst still keeping my office job and this directly affecting any time I previously would have allocated to Creating Beauty) and c) I am good at both the writing and the decorating but for example despite thinking how much I'd love to be able to bake nice edible things I don't find myself attracted to baking as such though I have done the odd cake or batch of cupcakes with good results.

What am I trying to say? There are only twenty-four hours in a day and despite how many things we might dream of trying to like, it is useless to spend time on something (obviously other than chores and work that are a necessity) unless it's what you really want to be doing. I am the happiest when I am writing and so, I will write :-)

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