Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Week In Film and Book Titles

It's been a bit of a collage this week when it comes to what I've been watching, whilst the book I am currently reading is one that I have read twice already before but still never loses its allure.

Let's start with the book: I am going through The Blue Hour by Kate Thompson. It deals with a young woman, Madeleine, who is at the start seemingly bored out of her wits by her tiring and predictable life. Then one event changes that, forever. I will not be giving any more of it away except for maybe saying that it is a bad turn of events that lead her first into a pit of hurt and confusion and later give her the push she needs to start life anew, with added vigour and as the person who she's really wanted to be.

My viewing for this week includes some Big Bang Theory episodes which I slept through, if I must be honest! Also the choice film for this week was About Time, a Curtis creation starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams. You can find two articles that I've written about it here:

Meanwhile I watched the Season 3 Special episode of Downton Abbey, called 'A Journey to the Highlands'. I was so so disappointed at the end of it and not because the episode did not deliver its share of surprises. Rather, because SPOILER ALERT FOR THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH: Downton Abbey's heir Matthew Crawley dies at the end. Whilst I never expected them to kill off Matthew, most especially not in this particular episode, I must admit that my trained mind noticed the signs leading to his accident in his repetitive tender moments with Mary where he kept repeating how much he loved her as well as the fact that, in an ecstasy of joy from the birth of his son, he goes to his car and drives along in too happy a state to last, given this is filming we're talking about. The pace of the car as it moves through the scene, together with a certain eerie music, gave it away to me. Then even more so the fact that the scene kept changing to the Abbey's drawing room or library it was, where Robert was saying just how happy he is he has followed Matthew's plan for the estate. All in all, something was bound to give.

This brings me to the last of my reviews for the day. A few months ago I bought the DVDs for Till We Meet Again, a mini series from 1989 based on a novel by Judith Krantz. I started watching it this week and the first episode quickly grabs the attention and hurls you straight into history... starting with 1913 France, on to the war and the trenches, later back in France and skimming the years as the main characters age and the life stories unfold. This series stars a very young Courteney Cox as well as Hugh Grant, who is obviously the reason why I bought this in the first place. I have yet to continue watching the rest of the story but I have to say it is intriguing enough to leave you thinking and wanting to watch more. Interesting to see Hugh Grant as a snobbish misinformed and embittered young man here, who even admires Hitler.

I must now leave you to attend to my very restless son, hoping I might have enticed you to watch or read the above-mentioned. I would also love to read your comments, most especially about the Downton Abbey special if you have seen it already.

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