Monday, 12 January 2015

On Mountains Made Out Of...

Laundry. And housework, most especially all those little things that seem to have been left lying around rather than in their proper place and all the dishes that pile magically into the sink any time I've just emptied it!
One weekend was all it took. One weekend where I worked the Monday, leaving me with two rather than three consecutive days at home. In addition to the fact that the Saturday was taken up with stripping down the Christmas tree then watching a film at the cinema and later writing its review (which you can view here: and the Sunday was taken up in great part by the removal and packing of all things Christmassy as well as tidying up and sorting out my small home office. That was not yesterday but the weekend before it! And I still seem to be drowning under the amount of work I did not get done on that first weekend of the year!
And that is not all. Because up to this week, I also had a mountain... of notes lying everywhere from my desk to the physical folder to the apps on the IPad and my IPhone to the MacBook which is where I finally sit down to write my articles. There were so many brainstorming sessions and Eureka's scribbled (literally and also typed) everywhere I could not make head or tail of just how many articles that would turn into. So what do you think I did? I turned my numerous intentions into a spread sheet, one row for each separate essay I meant to write. And did that make it so much better in my mind! I stopped panicking at having run out of ideas (of course I knew they were there somewhere lying around but could not make head or tail of them or just how many they amounted to!) And putting it all into one neat pattern made the ideas start flowing again.
So I am not panicking at the lack of articles that I love to have standing in line waiting to be written any more. Rather, I am now panicking at just how I am going to get it all done!!!

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