Saturday, 17 January 2015

Good night from a tired mum

Here I am, with yet another week gone by and my mind's a blank now I've sat down to actually write my entry. I am sure I had something in mind yesterday, or earlier today, or whenever... I think I'm overtired! Now there is something I am sure I wanted to be writing and it is a review of a film I saw this week. Actually, make that a bad review of something I saw this week. But I don't want to rush it so I'd rather leave it for some day when I can sit down calmly without yawning or having my eyes just give up and close at any given second. That said, I am not going to bed. I still have not only to eat and shower but also do what I call a 'run-through' (though I am sure that is the incorrect term) of an article I want to be submitting at my earliest, given I know my week's limited writing hours are going to be taken up with another article that is also due by a certain date so it is useless to let this one wait more as then there's not going to be any time left for me to sort through it. Sorry if this is sounding confusing!

It's the weekend so as usual there is a lot of babysitting involved in my day. And supposedly a lot of housework. But seeing as any time I try to do anything at all my son either asks for something or, worse than that, just goes ahead and does something, resulting in a mess unless I take immediate action, I didn't get as much done in a whole day as I'd have liked. Hmmm... if I were to compare it to when he was a baby, I'd say the day was a success though, he was so demanding!

Now there is something on my mind that happened today but which I wouldn't especially like to dwell on and more especially wouldn't like to be relating to the whole world (that's what this is, isn't it, this writing on the net, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't think people were reading my blog.)

And I am here at the end of my entry, not because I am really ready and done with saying all I want to be saying but rather because I've just found myself having dozed off! So goodnight, till next time.

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