Saturday, 6 December 2014

That Tiny Silver Lining For This Week

There isn't much to say this week because frankly, nothing much happened. Or rather, a big something called surgery happened at the start of the week and has left me a little out of it and doing not much else all week. It was supposed to be just a little something, a tiny incision to remove the roots of a wisdom tooth that broke so bad they wouldn't come out when the dentist pulled it out, in pieces. But as things are bound to be, it turned out more complicated than not only I but even the surgeons thought it would be.

So I am now nursing the stitches whilst looking each morning at a swollen face that had me in the A&E last Thursday for being so bad. Apparently this is the one case in the world where sleeping actually makes your situation worse! The surgeon kindly explained to hubby and me when I turned up panicking that it's something to do with oedema and the body trying to keep safe from infection following the bruising bla bla bla and which seems to happen when I lie down. So he warned me that this would be happening every morning for a few more days, this gross huge swelling that even reduces my ability to open my left eye properly whilst turning my cheek right below the said eye a seeming purple at times. Meanwhile talking of purple, my lip ain't looking too good either, mostly due to the repeated blows it received during surgery because of my extra-small mouth (my small mouth only every seems to cause complications on the health front, and I used to think it looked cute!!)

The one thing interesting that did happen on Monday just before surgery turned out to be something of a booster for the literary side of me. Always wary of bus timetables, I made my way to the hospital early in order to avoid chancing lateness. Which left me with two hours to spare after I got there (trust the bus to be early when you are!) So for lack of anything better to do, I stalked an Agenda newsagent for over an hour as I willed the time to pass so that I could get the procedure over with (little did I know what I was in for!) One hour in a shop is a long time you know? After I mentally scanned all the rows of magazines for at least three times, finding none worth parting with money for, I moved on to the books sections. I say sections because they were spread over more than one area.

Each bookshelf got a good seeing to, and many books with interesting names, covers, authors I'd heard of, made it into my searching hands. What was I looking for? As I turned each one over to read the synopsis and mull over whether I thought the storylines original, intriguing, worth reading and so on, I put each plot in line with that of my own novel, as yet partly in draft and partly sitting in my mind or in little notes in my files. I will not diss any of the books that I saw, and I am sure that there are many as interesting or even more so than my own little imaginative literary project. But that said, I think I can safely say the exercise made me believe that my novel, too, deserves a space in that Agenda and only another writer can understand me fully when I say, the thought of seeing my book in print gave me a moral boost so big it helped me write a scene I'd been stuck on for months.

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