Monday, 22 December 2014

A Christmassy Grumble

Every year, usually but not necessarily starting November, shops deck up in Christmas gear and start selling it too, sometimes even before the month dedicated to the dead (now see... that in itself should already be indication enough that we are not to be festive!)

Maybe it's due to my childhood and mum's yearly grumble about 'having to do' the decorating, or maybe not, that I am not so keen to decorate the house early. Whilst my target for getting into the festive mood is the 8th of December (a feast and therefore always a day when I am home, whatever day of the week it may be), my husband postpones even further and we find ourselves putting up the decorations and the tree on the 13th (well make it the 14th this time around!) so that really, is it even worth all the effort when they are only going to be on view for three weeks max?)

As Christmas draws near, my excitement starts building I must admit, as I let my friends' love for the season spill over into my lesser-inclined mind. However, not only do I dread all the tinsel-sweeping that comes with setting it all up (and the headache of where to store the empty boxes till they are to return, filled, to the garage in the new year), but I also get fed up of it all really quickly! This year is no exception. Or rather, to be more precise, this year our tree had no place to go since our house is now much more ready and therefore full of furniture, than it used to be and it now stands as a roundabout in between the kitchen area and the living room, leaving us only the space to pass one at a time between it and the back of the sofa, which didn't used to be there last year (and actually when we still had some space left for the tree that was not in the middle anyway!)

And so I ashamedly admit, I can't wait to put it all down. Well, not all exactly, maybe. Crazy as it sounds, knowing the cushion behind my back as I watch something on the telly has a red cover and is something Christmassy makes me smile. And I really love my husband's idea of decorating the new shelves we've installed and how he did it. As always, the Christmas wreath with its flowers and candles in red and gold seems to me lovely and the snowmen standing guard on the top of the cabinets that have, since last year, moved from my office area to the dining room, I also well-appreciate.

So I think, after all, it's just the dreaded tree I'm after removing when I count down to the new year and mentally see myself packing it all up in boxes again for a year. Now aren't Christmas trees ornamental beauties as a rule? I do think that when I see other peoples, but try as I may, excluding one time which was last year, I never seem to think our tree has been properly set up. There is either too much red or too little tinsel, not enough decorations or maybe too many. There were times I wanted to do away with all the old ornaments that were passed on to me from mum's tree (she stopped setting one up when she last moved house and she seemed to announce it with relief!) but now I seem to love the old things, some of which date back to the seventies I am sure.

As you can see, I don't even myself know just why I keep looking at our too huge tree and asking it to be better next year. Maybe, just maybe, it is because of memories embedded in our histories after all.

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