Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bad Weather and Good Films

A post on here is well overdue and I must say I had quite an eventful last week. However I do have a policy not to go into the too personal on this blog and so I am anyway at a loss as to what I could go on about. So here is the gist of my thoughts about this last week (as already stated excluding the personal):
The weather has definitely turned now! I still remember saying this on the blog back on 9th September and I was so wrong as the chilly weather lasted a mere few days back then and went back to being obnoxiously hot. But last week has showed us that the wintry weather seems here to stay. It is still not cold, considering we're practically mid-November but the deluge usually reserved for the first September rain has hit badly now instead. The first bad weather-related experience occurred two Wednesdays ago when a single hour of very heavy rain once again flooded our valley, leaving me and my son stranded just metres away from where my mother's car was parked. Needless to say, son and I both got a good soaking.
It's funny how my mind works mostly through connotations and just that word 'soaking' brought an image to mind - that of Tim and Mary running through the rain on their wedding day in the trailer for 'About Time', which review you can find here: http://vintagehew.blogspot.com/2014/09/its-about-time.html
Which in turn brings me to talk about my latest findings related to filming. I have not only discovered, started and finished watching the first season of Downton Abbey, but I also read the book by Beryl Bainbridge entitled 'An Awfully Big Adventure' and on which a film by the same name is based (you can find my review here: http://vintagehew.blogspot.com/2014/09/an-awfully-big-adventure-1995.html ) The book is a little difficult to follow but totally worth a read. I hope to write a review relating book and film when I have some time.
I unfortunately have to go now but I promise to try and have something more interesting than getting my socks wet in the rain to say next time.

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