Saturday, 11 October 2014

Me Being Blue... Or Not?

Blue is my favourite colour but this is nothing to do with it. I am talking about feeling blue. I spoke last time of being ill practically throughout a whole month and wondered why that happened. Well, why on earth I blamed it on being an after-effect of unhappiness beats me as two out of three times it was because my son was ill and diligently caring for your sick child does result in contagion. And now he's ill again. So not only did I cancel my September appointment for a hair dye and a play date between my son and his second cousins (which would also have been an excuse to meet up with my own cousin), it seems like we're going to do this all over again! My Wednesday appointment at the hairdresser is not only long overdue (ask my white hairs) but I'm also having to cancel it again (and get more white hairs from the frustration of doing so). I also begrudgingly postponed this morning's invitation to one of my few friends for coffee over at my house. An idea to form a film club was nipped in the bud when I reasoned there was no easy way I could manage it with a demanding hyper child tagging along and no car to drive to wherever it was happening and this meeting was the next best thing. Which is why it now had to be postponed, just to make me that little bit madder at the whole setup that's my current life.

But there's always a good side to life, is there not? (Ok sometimes it's not so much a 'good side' as a 'not bad' side but in this case definitely a good side.) I am talking about my collection. Now I am not a very materially-oriented woman (in fact I'd say I am an under buyer as a rule, even when it comes to clothes and shoes) but when it comes to the few material things I buy, I love them with a passion. So I will today be using my collection as a source of happiness... I will go through all the film titles searching for the one to watch tonight (if my son manages to get a good night sleep) and maybe have some minutes to continue reading the biography that is a part of my related books collection, which book turned out surprisingly enough to be more of a source of information about the films I own or which are on my list of 'to buys' than really interesting as a biography (because of it not being well-written or very informative and is badly edited I mean).

And with these thoughts I leave you so that I may attend to a more pressing issue that is eating whilst I can, with my today very clingy son peacefully asleep for a bit due to the flu and the drowsy effect of Neurofen. So goodbye till next time.

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