Sunday, 19 October 2014

Just An Update

I sit and stare at this page today, knowing the articles I have worked on lately are awaiting the possible approval of a professional magazine editor and should he like my pitch it would not do to have uploaded them here already.

So instead I turn to relating the latest from my little world. As I mentioned in my last entry, my son got ill again. A week on he is still sick and away from school for yet another week it seems, as per the doctor's advice. And whilst I am hoping and praying this time I don't catch whatever he has, I have been suffering from... horror of horrors... tooth pain! Seems like not only did I have a bad wisdom tooth but it also broke into lots of pieces so that a visit to the dentist was not enough to get it all out, meaning that dental surgery now awaits me :-(

Since I have made a new rule for myself that I will not only see and mention the bad things in life without also seeing the good, I must mention yesterday's meeting with a dear friend at my house. The film club idea might have flown off into the future when I'll hopefully have not only a car but also an older and therefore more understanding and obedient son but that does not stop me chatting with my friend about anything and everything to do with films and books. So despite my toothache, I had tons of fun discussing 'About A Boy' (book versus film), 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and 'About Time' among others. We also touched on the topic of 'the villain', which to me is much more intriguing than the hero in films!

I must off now to check on my son (playing camping with a tent in his room) hoping by my next entry the toothache will be gone (or lesser in intensity at least)!

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