Sunday, 26 October 2014

Everything Has A Price (even moving furniture you've bought already!)

So yesterday I finally got my small wish of changing round the furniture in my little office area at home. Now how hard could that be, you may ask. Actually moving the furniture around was not a big deal (well, I didn't even move it myself so how could I consider it hard?) But only when you need to empty a seemingly small piece of furniture do you realise just exactly how much you were storing in it!

My husband agreed to moving it all around and setting up everything to do with the printer, speakers etc all over again but he had one request. I was to do all the emptying so that he could do it all at one go, knowing too well he would otherwise be waiting around for me as I picked each item, trying to decide where it should go.

So I set about whilst he was still asleep following a nighttime DJing session so that by the time he woke up the cupboards and shelves were all bare (well apart from an antique statue and a set of framed film cells there was no way I would be getting out before the last second, being so over-protective of them). Whilst a temporary desk in the dining room was piled high with books, storage boxes, tablecloths and sofa throws, all of which resided permanently in said furniture, our dining table was piled high with files. The tv unit held a precarious tower of more office-related items and the new coffee table struggled under four more piles. A sturdy packing box suffered under the weight of all the frames and nicknacks I'd also removed.

At which point the miserable task started of cleaning under where the furniture had been. As you might guess, cleaning beneath furniture that is too big to move during the weekly cleaning ritual is a little yucky. And, for me, also very itchy! Being a sufferer of allergies I'm sent into a panic of hand-scrubbing at every little task that involves me handling anything dusty (now don't get the wrong impression, I dust often enough!).

So whilst little things send me to the sink multiple times, doing any dusty project this big obviously sends me into the shower for disinfestation, hair and all. Only, I didn't bargain for the fact that this was an even bigger task than the usual ones, like sweeping the front yard of a home that is 1) in a country where dust particles are all over the place and 2) there always seems to be one neighbour or another who's doing up the house... on an island that uses the soft and quickly eroding limestone for building, which in itself sends my friends the dust particles up into the air all too easily.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, not only am I having sneezing fits and talking through my nose, but I also have what seems to be an allergic eye infection. Which is why I now leave you as my vision blurs over and the tears start again of their own accord.

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