Sunday, 21 September 2014

Procrastinating Sleep

It's a week since my last entry so I didn't want to go to sleep without at least posting something, however small. I have no long complicated article ready to upload so I will have to come up with something else interesting. Like what I did today, which wouldn't be at all interesting would it? Who cares that I set up my son's Playmobil farmhouse with a kitchen ready for breakfast and a bedroom with slippers ready by the bedside and a Playmobil girl's hat on the bed ready for her to wear? Or who would want to know that as soon as I looked at the shelf that houses our DVDs I immediately noticed something was amiss despite it looking like all was in order? I proved myself right when I found the 'About A Boy' DVD had fallen to the back of the shelf leaving a smaller amount of white on the front (I'm a bit obsessive about my DVD collection and have lately been putting all the ones with a white spine next to each other).

What you might be interested to know, however, is how long my son's bedtime ritual took! It was a hair-tearing experience (it seldom is not!) and this time he took all of ninety minutes to finally calm down in bed and accept sleep! Apparently bedtime is a nightmare for most parents and I must admit that despite having been an angelic obedient little girl myself, I always did have a problem with going to bed. Erm, truth be told, I still do! There is always something else to do, isn't there? Like read a few more pages of that book, think up the next conversation in my novel, a long bath that lasts forty minutes rather than the intended twenty... The list is endless and helps steer me away from my looming sleepy time. But what I don't get about my son's aversion to sleep, is that he does not even try to find an excuse to remain out of bed doing something. He is quite content lying in bed and calling me every minute or two to tell me he needs yet another pee, then some water, followed by milk, and then again he has a secret he must share with me despite it being one he's told me many times before and which is not a secret at all, given he tells it to everyone. So really, any excuse is a good one to avoid closing his eyes for his ten-hour sleep which he does need and complains if he doesn't get. But enough said, I must now off to my own bed in a room that will doubtlessly feel much like a sauna given the current heat, stickiness and humidity of a typical September on the Maltese islands. And with this small grumble I leave you, for I will otherwise turn this blog entry into yet another excuse to keep away from sleep. Goodnight all.

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