Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Morning Musings and a Happy Birthday mention

I had one of those heavy dreams last night, the kind which then accompany you even after you've woken up, though at times it all seems hazy by then and not much left remembered to think upon. Maybe it explains why so many thoughts flashed through my head on the ride to work this morning. It first started with the weather. The sky is overcast, the breeze chilly, the weather has overall turned as of this morning. And so I found myself talking about it to my husband. Now the weird thing is, I never talk about the weather! Not even when it could get me out of uncomfortable situations, not even for something to say, I am not good at talking about trivialities (to my husband's dismay who is not exactly a morning person!). Then my thoughts, after this cliche, started tumbling one on top of the other willing to come out of my head as processed comprehensible thoughts. But there were too many of them to make sense out of. Maybe it was the panic at not having an entry to write this morning. For after the series of film-related articles I found myself very much dismayed at knowing there would only be real life to talk about today. But that's what it is and what I have so I'll just try to make sense out of the jumble of notes I keyed into the IPad before stopping at this cafe' for my writing session.

Firstly, it is today a very important day. Not only is Apple giving a Keynote speech this evening (or evening in Malta time I should say) but it is also the fifty-fourth birthday of a very special someone... The one person I have never met and who has yet impacted my life so much that he is worth a mention. I am talking about none other than the person who is to me the greatest, and the dearest, personality (for I wouldn't call him just a celebrity). So Happy Birthday to the lovely Hugh Grant!

Now on to a less dreamy subject and yet the subject of dreams... One thought that passed through my head fleetingly today was how dreams seldom are translated well into real life. As soon as I thought this I had a vague impression that this subject of truth versus fiction was one of the themes from one of my Sixth Form literature books. It only dawns on me now that the exact subject had been Appearance versus Reality (in the much-hated King Lear). Back then I never understood how big a deal this was for the plot to work but now life itself shows you such things. I realize many things now that I didn't back in Sixth Form. Because I was a teenager back then. What teenager truly tries to make head or tail of life's greatest truths? I was more concerned at the time with my fashionable jeans, dying my hair the right colour, and keeping my stormy relationship going.

Next up for today and my last piece of knowledge before I bore you out of your wits completely, is the idea of permanence. This too, flashed into my head today, leaving me with its bitter aftertaste. I think it is most of us that crave normality in life to a degree and trust in permanence (that niggling feeling that things will never change) helps us make decisions based upon our current way of life, living arrangement, the people currently in our life. Without these constants (be they constants for a while or forever) there would be nothing to base assumptions on, nothing on which to make informed decisions, nothing on which to base our truth. Because life is, first and foremost, a truth that might be stranger than fiction, though not always so. Whether they think about it or not, everyone has priorities that set everything else in perspective to them. Be it a dream target, a little boy who calls you 'mama' or that belief you have that will condition you on everything else, it is the things that prove permanent in our life that help us make our decisions, for better or for worse.

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