Monday, 4 August 2014

What's Up?

There is no excuse good enough for how long I've been away. Granted, I was spending my writing-time on my novel, which is now taking a very definite shape, style, and storyline. I hope also that my characters are becoming as well-rounded as I imagine they are. I must admit I envy main character Jeanne at times for her relationship with a dream man conjured up mostly, I have to admit, on my own vision of the perfect-looking male. What I do not envy her is all the confusion in her life that runs throughout all of the story and is, in fact, an integral part of it.

But novel aside, I have little news to report from my little world. Life continues for me as it usually does for someone who is wife, mother to a very hectic and scarily inventive four-year-old, worker, home-owner and also novelist. Oh, and maybe I should mention home-manager too, as I'm the one doing up our budget, setting up shopping lists, seeing to our savings and anything else that needs to be paid/seen to/phoned about etc. My latest irksome episode in this particular saga is my voiced-on-the-phone frustration at particularly bad service received by my usually happy-client-making laundry-cleaning provider.

What else to say? I am also forever cleaning out my closets, literally I mean, no secrets involved. My four-year-old has finally got a waist too big for the 12-18 months shorts he's been using up to now so have done a bit of clothes-shopping (a treat even if they're not clothes for myself, now if only I could not have an out-of-control kid tagging along any time I do this!) As for myself, been spending too much money on DVDs and books to have much of a budget left over for clothing though I got three pairs of shoes to see me through the summer and hopefully still be good for next year's too.

And now that I have updated my blog (in no timely manner) I feel excused to go off to sleep at 1am, despite my constant resolution to sleep early. Good night, till next time.

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