Thursday, 7 August 2014

Marrying My Favourite Character :-)

There is a game I have been meaning to play. I've read it, or a more compact version of it I should say, that featured only three films, three characters and three choices. This blogger (excuse me for forgetting which blog) asked her readers which of the following characters they would choose to a) kiss, b) marry and c) have for a best friend forever. The three characters in question were:

Alex Fletcher in Music and Lyrics
William Thacker in Notting Hill
George Wade in Two Weeks Notice

The answer invariably read that William would be the guy to marry and I can so understand that! He's marriage material if any character ever was :-) However most replies contained an admittal to not having seen one or another of the three films. Now what if it so happened that not only have I seen all these three but also so so many more of Hugh Grant's films, old and new?

It gets trickier then to choose doesn't it? I mean, being a woman I wouldn't choose to marry his gay character Clive Durham in Maurice (1987). Nor am I inclined to prefer him as Chopin in Impromptu (1991) when it comes to choosing a life-partner. But William Thacker from Notting Hill would have some hard competition if Michael Felgate from Mickey Blue Eyes (a 1999 film like Notting Hill) were to show up. Though Michael does lie to Gina in the film, so I think he's out as a prospective partner. Charles in Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994) is also a sweet thirty-something year old, too cute to forget once met. He also, like me, believes in that thunder-bolt. He seems however less of a dependable guy than William.

I never really took to Hugh Grant's character Samuel in Nine Months (1995) and in An Awfully Big Adventure (1995) he plays SPOILER ALERT yet another gay part. Which leaves us with only a zillion more films and characters to choose from. George Wade seems to me not only nice but also a witty and dependable person beneath his spoilt exterior and I am so in love with realist Alex Fletcher from Music and Lyrics (2007). I obviously could never consider marrying Hugh's character the Cannibal from Cloud Atlas (2012) and I have yet to see and fall in love with his doctor character in Extreme Measures (1996). I have also yet to see Sirens (1994) but I doubt a priest would be my preferred kind of husband. Also, it would never do to marry a cad so unfortunately suave and sweet-talking dashing irresistible Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jones (1991 and 1994) cannot be a finalist in this game. Nor could David the prime minister in Love Actually (2003) given my hate of politics and the limelight.

But what about Paul Morgan in Did You Hear About The Morgans? (2009) I like him a lot but he is a bit of a wuss and let's face it, he does have a one night stand whilst being married. So he's out too as a prospective partner. Which leaves me with Will Freeman, Mr Cool guy with not a care in the world in About A Boy (2002). I love Will, he has a sense of humour and he does change by the end of the film. Still, I gather the reason I like him so much is because of that lovely face (which is for once the focus, not being upstaged by floppy hair running amuck) which is less wrinkled than that of the older Alex Fletcher.

Well as I said already, I love love love Alex Fletcher (he has a tendency to repeat himself in the film). So that's it ladies... I have made my decision. Alex Fletcher from the eighties band Pop! it is for me! :-)

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