Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My two cents' worth... Music & Lyrics

There's music, there are lyrics, and a whole lot of eye candy. The reviews I'd read about the film were good, the actors two well-known and brilliant people. However I'd never thought I'd enjoy this film so much, partly because of my preconception that given the two very different off-screen real life characters of Mr Grant and Ms Barrymore, there might not be chemistry in the film. I was wrong... The chemistry spills over to the point of being contagious. By the end of it, I was feeling as dizzy about love as the happy-end-to-the-film onscreen couple.

Ok, so I admit it. I only went and bought this film as I cannot resist Hugh Grant. And whilst I would never refuse to watch any of his films, I can't say I had high expectations mostly because I love different kinds of films to this one. I could not genuinely state that the plot is deep, or that this is an artsy film or a very witty one at that. But it still makes you want to know what's next. It also rings some bells such as when Sophie Fisher insists she is not really like the fictitious counterpart in her ex-lover's book whilst Alex points out that the miserable side to this same fictitious character really does echo her faults... Isn't this kind of denial embedded in all of us about something or other?
I did find it a bit bizarre that this couple could go from strangers to lovers in the space of days but I do believe in love at first sight and come on, who would not fall in love with Hugh Grant after seeing him for a very first time? I know I did ;-)

So despite all my doubts before watching it, I now have to list this one with my favourite films and will be replaying it over and over in my house (good thing it's good for children to watch too).

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