Saturday, 31 May 2014

My Favourite Enigma

I have lately come across many online articles that aim either to shoot at or else sneer at my beloved favourite actor /inspiration /maybe even idol. Meanwhile YouTube is full of sickening videos from paparazzi as well as your everyday person, detailing his every move out of his house, even at times showing him asking that they leave him alone, which they disrespectfully don't.

My first reaction is to comment under the articles, defending the image I have of an overall good man who is witty and charismatic and human too, very often unfairly criticized, I should think, because of his hate for the media and thus the fact that all they can do is pay him back in insults for not having his version of things, else because they have something to lose from his HackedOff campaign.

And then I thought about using my blog to defend him and portray him in the picture I have of him myself, garnered from watching and rewatching all interviews with him that I manage to get my hands on from a whole twenty years of his fame. But then I thought otherwise. In the rare interview and comment he does give, he is very clear in his distaste of anything being written about him, even if with his own permission. And, he makes it a point to say that he does not google his name for the multitude of uneducated untruthful articles that Google would return to his search.

So why should I aggravate him myself by trying to piece together his image for all to read, which can only be after all a composition that is as biased (though in favour of his character) and as subjective as anyone else's? Which is why I will choose instead not to build up a vision of him on here, thought I obviously have my own perception of what he must really be like in real life, always a question mark as to how much of it would prove correct should we ever actually meet. Which admittedly would be one of my biggest life dreams come true. In the meantime I will watch and re-watch him on screen, in a multitude of characters and names as films require, whilst I secretly covet the idea that one reason I am so smitten by Hugh Grant is probably because of how enigmatic he seems to be.

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